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Prayer changes things.

Prayer takes many forms and Relentless prayer is one of the core values at Centerpoint Church. And that means cultivating a priority of prayer in leadership, ministries, decisions, concerns, and the lives of the people at Centerpoint.

Relentless means: unyieldingly, unrelenting; persistence, never ceasing, unstoppable determination, adamant. Prayer is a powerful gift and privilege given to all. So that means we must be convinced and willing to stop talking about the need for prayer and be a people who will pray relentlessly.

Meet Sue

Sue longs to help others learn to hear the voice of God. Her mission in this place is to help others expand their idea of just what pray is and develop a lifestyle of prayer. A Wisconsin native, Sue has lived in Kalamazoo since graduating from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. She like to spend time outdoors, swimming, biking, and gardening. Plus, she loves to spend time with her grown children, Chad & Megan, and Courtney; and her two grandchildren Myla and Boden.


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