Welcome to Starting Point Preschool!
Starting Point Preschool is a community-focused preschool that exists to provide education in a loving, Christian environment.

Starting Point Preschool is pleased to announce the Coronavirus Tuition Relief program. For those who are financially affected by the current pandemic, students could be eligible for discounted tuition for up to 40% off the regular school fee. In order to learn more about the program, contact us today.

Our Educational Goals Include…

Spiritual: Fostering a joyful, personal relationship between the children and Jesus, through Bible stories, songs, thanksgiving at snack time, and an atmosphere of Christian love.

Physical: Developing a good self-image through personal attention, acceptance, and affection.

Mental: Growing in the ability to observe, focus attention, develop language and math skills.

Social: Learning social skills of personal rights, respect for other children and parents, identify with family ties, coping with problems, coupled with gentle Christian discipline.