About Us

At Starting Point Preschool, we provide a positive and loving environment where children can grow and learn. Our mission is to inspire a love of learning in kids as we provide a nurturing environment, encouraging kids to explore creativity and develop independence as they grow in their relationship with God.

We value each child and strive to provide the highest quality of care by:

  • Making children our top priority.
  • Keeping communication lines open between school and home.
  • Supporting parents as they raise their children.
  • Recognizing each child’s individual needs and meeting each child where s/he is at.
  • Advocating for children and families.
  • Providing hands on learning experiences that encourage growth and development.

Our goal is that each child will:

  • Know that s/he is a child of God.
  • Trust in Jesus as a friend and savior.
  • Further develop fine and gross motor skills, improve his/her cognitive and listening abilities, and develop his/her own creativity.
  • Acquire social skills that allow him/her to cooperate with and be sensitive to others.
  • Develop a healthy self-concept that will help in problem-solving, making friends, and facing new situations.
  • Feel comfortable expressing his/her own ideas.
  • Leave our school knowing s/he is loved by God and by us.

To set up a tour to learn more about our exciting programs, please give us a call at 269-459-9517.  We can't wait to hear from you.